Buy Skin care Products


Uniquely personalised service

How often have you bought a product because it promised what you wanted to achieve, and then been disappointed?  

A Touch of Spa is not linked to any particular brand, leaving  me free to choose skin care products that will actually work on your unique skin, whatever your budget.  

I use my scientific training and experience to identify skin care products that will work, and match these with the needs of your unique skin.  So when you buy skin care products, you can be confident that they will work for you. So you can get amazing results!  

Why buy your products here? 

I have tried to recommend ingredients for clients to look for when they buy products.  But the ingredients can be technical and there can be costly mistakes when clients buy the wrong product.  So I now buy  a small number of products myself, for resale to you. 

A Touch of Spa's prices are often the same as you would get online. 

Also, for most people the skin care products we use should change with the seasons, and critically, meet the needs of your unique skin. Susan can check your skin's needs, and you can get the right products every time, at a price that suits your budget.