Beauty therapist in Woking

A note from Dr Susan

Hi. I'm Susan. Love travelling? Hectic life? Me too! I learned about great skincare while working as a scientist in different countries. It’s been my hobby for more than 30 years. Now you get the benefit!    

Why is my approach different?  I use my science PhD to find out your unique skin's story and priorities. Your bespoke facial is designed to give you the results you want. I will do your facial, every time. It is important that you can see or feel the difference in your skin.

And best of all? I am not linked to a particular product brand, so I can use and recommend the best products for your unique skin.    

Part of the community

A Touch of Spa is part of the community. That means appreciating and supporting local people. So the NHS, and some companies get a discounted service.    I volunteer at the Woking and Sam Beare Hospice .. such a happy, friendly place! Gives me a real lift every time.    

Be amazed

- Grab some ‘me’ time. Relax, be pampered, and get amazing skin! 

· Come, find out your unique skin’s story, and how you can get the skin you want. 

· Know which products will work best on your unique skin.  

You can pick up my brochure at Toni and Guy in Woking (fantastic haircuts!). Getting married? Pick up my brochure from The Talbot Inn at Ripley. Or I can email it to you.   Call me on 07900 441154! 


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