Non invasive facials that effectively treat your skin issues

A Skin Clinic in Woking. Facial skin treatments for most skin conditions.

A Skin Care Clinic in Woking. 

Science based. Personalised. 

Non-invasive.  Guaranteed results. 

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Personalised facial skin treatments for your skin conditions

More youthful looking skin, your way

Discover how special it feels to have a facial skin treatment created just for your unique skin conditions. For your unique needs.  To give you that healthier, more youthful looking skin you really want.

Discover A Touch of Spa's exclusive step by step skin solution system that helps you get the right products, treatments and support you need, regardless of the skin problems you are experiencing. 



It's time!  Time for YOU to have healthier, more youthful looking skin (without using invasive treatments), and save yourself more years of time and frustration in the process! Look good! Feel good! Be more confident!

A Touch of Spa helps you to get better skin through monthly checks on your skin, tailored facial treatments,  simple, easy to use skincare routines and products that are tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

Join the many women who have used this approach to improve their skin health and get more youthful looking skin.

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A Touch of Spa is not affiliated with any product range.   

Your personalised facial skin program comprises:

1. a consultation 

2. facial analyses

3. skin care treatments

4. the best products to improve your skin

5. your personal skincare routine

6. support and advice

So you can confidently move forward on your journey to achieve the skin you want.

Your consultation

Your skin care treatment

Your facial examination


Your facial examination

Your skin care treatment

Your facial examination


Your skin care treatment

Your skin care treatment

Your skin care treatment


Your facial products

Your skincare routine

Your skin care treatment


Your skincare routine

Your skincare routine

Your skincare routine


Support and advice

Your skincare routine

Your skincare routine


The skincare solution for your skin conditions: What it is


Dr Susan's own experience


Hi I'm Susan. I actually do have a science based PhD. I used to feel self-conscious about saying this,  but now, because of what it helps me do for women every day at  A Touch of Spa,  I think it's a personal achievement I am really proud about.  

I started doing facials for fun and relaxation about 30 years ago when I worked in rural areas in the tropics.  

A few years ago, I became ill, and what was happening to my body really showed on my skin. 

The condition of my skin was not great.  Those are 2 selfies in the picture here.  No makeup in either.  I looked 20 years older than I was.  You can see that my skin looked grey. I had lines.  Dark circles. My skin sagged.  I had sun damage. I spent a lot of time and money trying the doctors, dermatologists, facials and soo many products.  None of them worked for me.  

You know what I mean when I say that preparing to go out was a looong process!  

In frustration, I turned to my science training and created a skincare solution for my skin conditions. Just look at the difference 18 months later.  

Now, I have fun wearing makeup when I want. I smile when I look in the mirror. I love the compliments I get about my skin. I feel confident.  I feel I have more youthful skin. In my heart, I dance.  I am the woman I want to be. 

My skincare journey continues. Look at how I looked after 24 months here.


Here's what I know for sure. 

I know science. 

I trust it. 

And so can you. 

In this Skin Clinic, I work with mature women like you, who are committed to having the best skin possible, resolute in minimising the impacts of their work, lifestyle, sun damage, environmental damage and the ageing process without resorting to invasive procedures.  Who want more youthful looking skin, regardless of their skin conditions.

I use my science training to to create personalised skin treatments to help you to achieve healthier, more youthful looking skin with more ease, more freedom and less stress. My proven approach gives you what your skin needs, as well as support and clarity on how to take your skin to the next level and further. 

If you are ready to be more confident, to look your best in life and work, and start seeing the improvements you deserve, then get in touch with me today.   

What do other women think of this approach?

 Tone: Susan is what I call a skin scientist. She really understands skin and what it needs. I have sun skin damage from being a child of the 60's and she is helping me to rejuvenate it and repair the damage. Her knowledge is incredible and it is so much more than a facial. It is an analysis, assessment, treatment and then advice on what to use. After the first session I went home and threw all my skin lotions away. I love the individually tailored products she recommends and my skin does too..


Wendy: A great facial from Susan. Her Signature Facial is very luxurious with lots of face and décolletage massage along with custom prescribed products and a lovely relaxing environment. Susan is also a scientist and has more than average knowledge on how the various chemicals and properties of products will react with your skin type. Thoroughly recommend.  



This is where you decide on your skin solution strategy.  Talk with Dr Susan about what is important to YOU, and what YOU want to achieve for YOUR skin. Together you will work out a plan of action for your skin solution. 


Every month, Dr Susan will take a really detailed look at your skin and will discuss what areas of your skin has improved and where we need to focus our attention that day.  


Every month. join Dr Susan for your personalised treatment, which changes with your skin's needs.  See your skin consistently improve, helping you to grow your self esteem and self confidence. 


Dr Susan uses her scientific knowledge and experience to identify the ingredients your skin needs. She finds products with those ingredients so you can be confident that these products can work for you.


Carefully chosen to help you maintain the results of your skin treatment, and move you forward on your skincare journey.


Need guidance or clarity? Dr Susan will help you navigate your skincare journey. Get answers to your skincare questions during your treatment session with Dr Susan. 

The skincare solution for your skin condition:Does it work


Does it work for other women's skin conditions and skin problems?

 1. Rapid improvements:

Joan: I had my first ever facial with Susan. She gave me very detailed information on my skin and how to look after it in future. I left feeling 15 years younger (and looking much better too). I left with a spring in my step and look forward to seeing her again. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would urge others to try her.

Dushy : What a great experience!! Susan spent time analysing my skin before applying a bespoke combination of facial care. I could see the difference straight away. Really good quality service. Will definitely be back!! 

2. Luxurious experience

Frederique: First facial at A Touch of Spa. I had Susan's signature facial. The whole experience was very relaxing and enjoyable. Susan explained to me every step of the treatment. Photos were also taken before and after and the difference was striking. I would recommend this salon.

Joy: Just had another fantastic facial at A Touch of Spa. Lovely relaxing environment, and a truly amazing customised facial from Sue. Sue spends time analysing your skin and selecting the best products to give your skin what it needs. The time she spends assessing your skin is not knocked off your overall treatment time, like it is at some places, either. The results are amazing. Best facials I have ever had (and I've had quite a few over the years). Would highly recommend.

Vicky says: Highly recommended. One's skin feels great after treatment. 

Jacqueline: Fantastic experience and my skin looks great! Thank you!!

3. Specific good information about my own skin

Philippa : This was the first time I had ever had a facial before and I loved it! I have never felt so relaxed. and I learnt so much about my skin and how to properly care for it. It's left my skin feeling so soft and smooth. Thank you so much Susan! Will defiantly recommend to all my friends!

Rachel : Thank you so much Susan. I came in not really knowing anything about my skin or what it required and I have left feeling like I know exactly what I need to do now thanks to your very thorough analysis! I'm glowing. And I even got and email with all the info I may need in the future for how to deal with my skin. Very relaxing experience start to finish!

4 Best skin care products specially chosen to meet my needs 

Emma says: oh my goodness, what an amazing experience! I've been on spa days and had facials before but with those you walk in, and they slap goo on your face. Instead, presented an incredibly detailed inspection of my skin under a bright lamp, and then prescribed a tailor made facial to suit my woefully dry and sun damaged skin. interesting that I've never before been told that my skin is super dry, or that the products I use are not sufficient. Susan was really professional and knowledgeable, and the treatment room is warm and welcoming, and a herbal tea at the end was a nice touch. after a series of delicious smelling things being applied, a blissful face, neck and arm massage and hot towel, I wafted out feeling amazing-and my skin looks really radiant. Definitely recommend-I'm just gutted I live so far away that I can't go monthly! 

Eve says: very individual approach to what products were used. Susan's facials are wonderful. I have never before had my skin examined so thoroughly, and, as she is not tied to a particular brand or procedure, she creates a truly bespoke facial based on what she observes. Susan has a professional manner and excellent hands; as a result, I come away from her treatments very relaxed, and my skin reflects the benefits for some time afterwards. 

Helen says: Thank you Susan for a wonderful facial and your wealth of knowledge. I loved it.

5. The personalised facial skin care treatment 

Gemma : This was a much more personal experience than I have had before. Susan offers great facials at very reasonable prices. I will definitely go back and would very much recommend.

Anna : I had such a fantastic experience! I loved that my treatment was tailored to my specific skin type (which is combination and very sensitive). I also loved the detailed analysis of my skin and the follow up email; a very unique and fascinating service offered! My skin felt so good afterwards! Susan is a delight and I will definitely be going back, especially for that wonderful cup of fruit tea

Sri : Thanks you very much susan. Best Service till now.

Zoë : I came in today thinking I had a mixture of greasy and dry skin - how wrong was I! Turns out I have very dry skin and so Susan kindly created a bespoke facial for me, starting with a gentle and then vigorous exfoliation to focus on removing any dead skin. I'm not sure how long the massage oil was used on my face because quite honestly I nearly fell asleep I was so relaxed. Various other carefully chosen treatments meant I left with skin feeling dewy, plump and refreshed - not only that but a chat at the end meant I knew exactly what products I should be looking for on the high street that would fit within my price range. Would recommend Susan and her magic hands to anyone without any hesitation.

Emily : A fantastic personal experience. Relaxing to say the least. Susan is very knowledgeable and created a facial which was bespoke for my skin. Will be returning and recommending.

6. Relaxing experience

Karina says: Susan has fantastic hands! My facial was relaxing and extremely informative. A real in-depth consultation that I have not had anywhere else. Highly recommended! 

Gemma: Thoroughly enjoyed my Facial with A Touch of Spa. Susan is attentive & calming. I would definitely go back and recommend! It was an hour of pure relaxation.                                                       If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Distraction and confusion do not help


You need focus


What would help is to have an exclusive focus on YOUR skin. A focus that enables you to make huge leaps in your skincare journey towards that skin you dream about. 

The last thing you need is the complexity of lots of different treatments, lots of different products, lots of bright shiny objects to chase after.  Lots of precious time wasted.

In addition to your skincare solution, you need focus, and a place to bring your pressing questions. 

Think you're too young?

Tone: I have been blown away by the professional skin analysis and treatment Susan has done for my daughter. The is truly an expert on skin and how it can change with our lifestyle, what we eat and how we look after it. The change was immediate and so noticeable. I can highly recommend her.   

Think you're too old? Skin problems too far gone?

 Vicky: A Touch of Spa has given me a lot of care and attention to my sun damaged skin with plenty of informed and useful advice. After 2 sessions and a new cleansing and moisturising home routine, my skin is more hydrated, softer and appears to be brighter with better circulation. I look forward to further sessions. Thank you very much. 

Don't have the time?

Self love is important.  Carving out some 'me' time is critical for you to stay healthy. To relax. To just be. Just relax. That's all you have to do.

A taster of what you get each month

Race along your skincare journey

Race along your skincare journey

Race along your skincare journey


Have a combination of treatments that will focus on taking your skin from where it is right now to the next step forward in your skincare journey.

Exclusive access

Race along your skincare journey

Race along your skincare journey


Get access to proven techniques that you can use in your own skincare routine to maximise the effectiveness of your products.

Personalised guidance

Race along your skincare journey

Personalised guidance


Receive specific guidance on how to care for your unique skin.  Instead of starting from scratch, it's like 'just add water' in a cake recipe to successfully get better skin. 

Science-based advice

Science-based advice

Personalised guidance


Dr Susan will show you the simple actions you can take to improve your skincare routine. 

Simple routines

Science-based advice

Simple routines


You can implement a skincare routine so you consistently take care of your skin easily, and can finally stop struggling to improve your skin, for good.

No stress

Science-based advice

Simple routines


You can have better skin than you have now, while enjoying your work, leisure and family life more than ever before.

Affordable price


Your personalised skincare solution

We have made this a small investment with guaranteed outcomes so you can make your skincare journey, risk free. 

Option 1

Facial analysis        

Cost: £40


Here is a truth I know. Information is power! 

Take a deep breath and RELAX. It's the end of all the anxiety, and the first step towards healthier, more youthful skin. Find out why your skin feels dry, or rough, or dull, or why you have lines! Now you have a sound platform from which to properly identify what you can do for yourself to improve your own skin.


  • You get 1:1 access to Dr Susan in your 30 minute appointment. 
  • She will take a close look at your face to find out what is happening with your skin and why. 
  • You get to discuss the results and ask her any questions. 

You can access this service through the internet if you are not local to Woking.

Option 2

Personalised Skincare Treatment

Cost: £97


It works! That's what makes this personalised skincare treatment so valuable. 


You will feel so relaxed you just might fall asleep! Wake up to find your skin looking and/ feeling better.

You get a 75 minute 1:1 appointment with Dr Susan. This includes:

  •  a 5 minute skin examination to figure out what is happening with your skin and what the priorities are today. 
  • your personalised combination of treatments that focus on these priorities.
  • a complimentary hand massage and a hydrating drink.

PLUS A BONUS! (additional value of up to £70)

Product recommendation charge waived! Dr Susan will personally select the best products for your skin when you buy these from A Touch of Spa 

Option 3

Ultimate skincare solution

Facial analysis + personalised skincare treatment 

Cost £125


This is the zenith of your skincare solution. Highly recommended for your first visit.

You get:

  • exclusive access to Dr Susan for your appointment.
  • a facial analysis and the chance to ask any questions 
  • a personalised combination of treatments that focus on your agreed priorities.
  • a complimentary hand massage and a hydrating drink.


PLUS 3 ADDED BONUSES!  Additional £100 value!

  • BONUS 1: A free 15 minute consultation to help you decide on what you want to achieve for your skin. (worth £20)
  • BONUS 2:  Product recommendation charge waived when you buy products from A Touch of Spa (worth up to £70)
  • BONUS 3: Dr Susan will create and explain your personal skincare routine so you can maximise the benefits of these products and help to maintain the improvement from your treatment (worth £10).

With each option ...

You can add the opportunity to buy products that Dr Susan recommends for you.  Product recommendation costs can apply unless added as an option bonus! Products are individually priced.  

Not local to Woking? Not to worry. We can discuss how you can still access these.

With your commitment, Dr Susan's step by step guidance, support and expert advice, it's as close as anything comes to a sure thing. 

The real risk lies in the skin you would never know you could achieve if you didn't gift yourself this super affordable skincare opportunity.

Your guarantee


Your 100% money back guarantee applies to the 12 month full skincare program

 Never before has such specialist advice and treatments been so affordable, while being so effective.  It's guaranteed to work, or your money back.  

Join our 12 month full skincare program:

  1.  Have your 1:1 consultation with Dr Susan
  2. Have your facial analysis every month
  3. Have your personalised skincare treatment every month
  4. Use the products Dr Susan recommends to improve your skin every day
  5. Follow the recommended personal skincare routine every day
  6. Access support and advice from Dr Susan every month

This full skincare program will create results or we'll return the money you paid for your personalised skincare treatments. 

I know deep in my heart how much carrying out this full skincare program is going to improve your skin.  I want you to know that I offer you a complete money back guarantee on all your treatments if you have done the full skincare program and it does not work for you. 

That means if you come in every month and get your skincare treatment, you use the products that Dr Susan suggests, and you religiously follow the skincare routine, techniques and advice, and you don't see any improvement in your skin in the 12 months, then you shouldn't pay for your personalised skincare treatment, and we'll be happy to refund you.  

Here's the detail, though. I expect you to do the work, and turn up to your monthly appointments, and this is built into my guarantee.  It's only fair, right?   

A Touch of Spa's community: their stories


A Touch of Spa's community is special. Here are some of their stories, in their own words:

Vicky: In general, I think my skin is in good condition. I have some ageing. I'm trying to tackle it in a non-surgical way to bring out the best skin I can with what I've got.  I want to have younger looking skin, less wrinkles, less sun damage, less crows feet, less deep lines around the mouth. 

After  treatment, what she liked best was: 'I have more youthful looking skin.'

Vivienne: When the spots are bad I feel very self conscious. I would like a reduction in breakouts. Reduction of puffiness under my eyes. Equalisation of my eye orbits. 

After  treatment, what she liked best was: 'The spots are gone. My face looks balanced.'

Jacqueline: My skin has been good for my age, but my lower cheeks feel leathery. I want to make the best of my skin as I age.   I want to look younger than my years.

After  treatment, what she liked best was: ' Reducing the visibility of lines.'

Helen: Never had much of a problem, and not been much of a makeup person. But in the last 10 to 20 years I feel obligated to wear more makeup.  I want to stop the wrinkles.

After  treatment, what she liked best was: 'The plumpness of my skin now.'

Vicky: I hate the redness in my skin. It can itch. I have to try not to touch it. I want less wrinkles.

After  treatment, what she liked best was: 'Plumped up skin! More moisturised.'

Kate: I feel I must put on makeup. My skin looks dull and blotchy. I have shadows under my eyes, so I have to wear concealer. It erodes my confidence. I want fewer lines and less blotchiness. 

After  treatment, what she liked best was: 'Smoother, plumper skin.'

Anna: My makeup doesn't sit very well. I have to cover spots a lot.  I want to resolve breakout issue.  Help my skin to not show the effects of stress and lack of sleep.

After  treatment, what she liked best was: 'My eyes!  You always make my skin look so good regardless of what I look like when I come in!'

Emma: I wear makeup most days for work. I feel I have to. My skin is too uneven. I have spots on my chin. I'm getting older. I want to invest more in myself.  I want less redness, less congestion, fewer lines, more hydrated.

After treatment, what she liked best was: 'Hydration. Less lines.'

Shabena: My breakouts affect me, as they are sore and lumpy. I've gone to the specialist and they provided me with products for my face, but they never worked. I want to know my skin and know what is good for it, so I can stop using the wrong products. 

After a treatment, what she liked best was: 'I know so much now! Skin is brighter and feels light and smooth.'

Frequently asked questions


So, will this skincare solution really work for me?

You may have bought facials and products that promised you the world - but you've been left wondering where all those promises went. At A Touch of Spa, our number 1 priority is to honor our commitment to you. When you say yes to your personalised skin solution you're coming into a family that wants you to succeed.


This skincare treatment is best suited to women who are committed to having healthier, more youthful looking skin. 


This is not a skincare treatment that uses high tech or invasive procedures. It is solidly based in science. A gentle, non-invasive approach that has helped many women move significantly forward in achieving the skin they want to have. 


So the real question to ask is will you do the work? Will you show up for the treatments every month? Will you take action? Will you use the suggested products and follow the recommended skincare routine?

Why is having good skin so important?

 When we look good, we feel good. When we feel good, it is reflected in our approach to life and work, in how we interact with others. In our self confidence. In our own self esteem.              

Why is a skincare treatment so expensive?

Most women have a range of issues that are all present at the same time on your skin -  so maybe it's dry, you have some lines, feels a bit dull, maybe a bit rough. It could be like that for all sorts of reasons. 


Dr Susan figures out why your skin might be like this, and treats the 'why', not just what you see in the mirror. 


The products used are chosen because they have the ingredients your skin needs to improve. 

You get a combination of treatments (not just one) that aim to give you results across the range of your priority issues. 


Underpinning your treatment, you get the benefit of Dr Susan's scientific knowledge and experience.           

What is this skincare journey you talk about?

Let's say that your skin at your first appointment with A Touch of Spa is at 0, whatever it looks like. And the skin you want to have is at 10. 

When you come in for a skin treatment, Dr Susan aims to move you forward to say 2.  Clients report that they see or feel a real improvement. Then it falls to you to maintain that improvement, but life can get in the way - stress and lack of sleep, for example! So even if you do use the products that Dr Susan recommends, and you do follow the suggested skincare routine, 4 weeks later, your skin is now at 1. 

You come in for another treatment, and let's say your skin is improved to a level 3. 

You continue this leapfrogging until your skin reaches where you want it to be, and then you're in maintenance mode! Hurrah! 

I've got a stressful job. I have no time for skincare.

Stress shows on your skin, making it harder to look as if it's easy juggling work and family life. It's harder to hide as we get older. Rewarding yourself with a great personalised skincare solution can be your guilty secret.   

I just want to relax

The environment is really calm and peaceful.  It's secure.  Extraordinarily quiet. Warm. The fabrics are soft and luxurious. 

You can relax while the Himalayan salt candles burn. Listen to muted, soothing music. Feel the stress melt away. Enjoy your 'me' time. 


You almost fall asleep as Dr Susan does your treatment, and massages you to skincare perfection. 

I'm too far gone. My wrinkles have wrinkles!

Never say never! You might be surprised at how much better your skin can look and feel. 

I just want to grow old gracefully. I like my lines!

Here is a truth I know. As long as we are alive, we will get older. This is an opportunity to support your skin - it is an organ, just like your heart and lungs, and needs to be cared for. We can get older gracefully, with the best skin that it is possible for us to have. 

I had too much sun damage when I was young.

While it is true that sun damage can result in signs of premature ageing, good skincare can help to keep your skin healthy. 

I have sensitive skin. I suffer from rosacea and I have acne. And my skin is dry.

Dr Susan will still try to help you. Several clients have these issues. 

Why do I need a special skincare routine?

While you can just follow the instructions on your product, but depending on the results of the skin analysis, there can be tweaks that can help you to make the most of your skincare routine, particularly in terms of how you apply a product, how you take it off, and when you apply it.

Creating a personalised skincare routine for you costs £10.

FAQs about your treatment


Is this just another facial?

Simply put, no. 

It's exclusive, personalised skincare. You and your unique skin are what matters. Everything is focused on YOU. On helping you to achieve the skin you want to have. 


The approach is steeped in science. Dr Susan puts in hours of research, not only on product ingredients, but also on what science is finding out about how your skin works and what it needs. It's a rapidly changing and exciting landscape!                                   

What is this personalised skincare treatment?

 It is a unique, science-based, step by step approach that focuses on your skin and what you want to achieve.  Products and techniques are carefully chosen and used with an emphasis on helping to improve your skin.  

What will my first appointment be like?

 This is where the fun begins!

Your first appointment can include a consultation with Dr Susan to make it clear what you want to achieve.

Then she will examine your skin.  Then you will receive your treatment.

Afterwards, you will have an opportunity to buy products that she recommends for you, and if you do, she will explain your personal skincare routine.

What will I get in a personalised skincare treatment?

 Dr Susan will carefully examine your skin to identify the priority areas for treatment. 

Then, you just relax while Dr Susan does your skin treatment herself.  

You will get a complimentary hand massage. 

Afterwards, you will receive a hydrating drink before you waft out.               

How long will it take to see improvements?

It's so exciting! Often, clients see or feel an improvement in their skin after just one treatment. 

But continuing to use products and a skincare routine that are not helpful soon erodes that improvement. 

The full skincare program offers a better approach to achieving and maintaining healthier, more youthful skin.                                            

What if I can't come in for a treatment every month?

Not to worry.Try to come as close to a monthly cycle as you can so you can keep moving forward on your skincare journey.                 

What products are used in the skin treatments?

 A Touch of Spa is not confined to a particular brand of products.  

A Touch of Spa does not make it's own products. 

Dr Susan spends hours researching products and ingredients. She chooses the best products that she believes will work, based on their ingredients. 

She doesn't pre-select products for your treatment before you walk in the door. This is not an automatic process, but an exclusive one. 

The products used are the ones with the specific ingredients that your skin needs. So you can see and/or feel the difference.                                              

FAQs about products


What happens to my skincare journey if I don't use the products A Touch of Spa recommends?

Well, let's say that your first treatment moves your skin from the 0 point (your skin when you came in for your appointment) to say a 2, as in the example above. You see and/or feel the same improvement. 

But at home, you continue to use the same products you had before. If these had contributed to your skin issues, or if these do not have the right ingredients for your skin, then it is likely that you will struggle to maintain the improvement from your skin treatment, and unfortunately, your skin will quickly revert to position 0. 

Will A Touch of Spa tell me if the products I'm currently using are suitable for me?

Absolutely. However, there is a charge of £10 per product to do so.

How many products will I need?

That depends on your facial analysis, and the improvements you want to see, as well as the amount of time you are willing to spend on your skincare routine. 

What brand of products do you sell?

A Touch of Spa is not linked to any particular brand. It really is all about the ingredients.                  

Are the products you sell expensive?

Products are researched and stocked based primarily on their ingredients. There is a wide range of prices, and Dr Susan tries to find something to suit your budget.     

Why does A Touch of Spa sell products?

Dr Susan has tried to recommend ingredients for clients to look for when they buy products. 

But the ingredients can be technical and there can be costly mistakes when clients buy the wrong product. 


So A Touch of Spa now buys a small number of good quality products from a diverse range of brands, for resale to you.     

What if I just want A Touch of Spa to recommend products for me?

You will first need to have a facial analysis done.


There is a charge of £10 per product to recommend products to you. This covers some of the cost of researching the product.     Recommendations are limited to products available in the UK.

How big is your markup?

A Touch of Spa's prices are often the same as you would get online. 

Sometimes there is a small markup to reflect the extra research needed on particular products.     

How often should I change my products?

For most people your skin care products should change with the seasons, and critically, also meet the changing needs of your unique skin. 


Dr Susan can check your skin's needs, and you can get products with the right ingredients every time, at a price that suits your budget. 

Can I just buy products from A Touch of Spa?

To decide on the best products for you, Dr Susan must first examine your skin. 

You will first need to have a facial analysis before Dr Susan will recommend any products for you. 

Can I buy the products used in my skin treatment?

Not usually. Sometimes the products are not suitable for daily use. 

Sometimes the products give you the boost you need, but then there needs to be a period of maintenance. 

Often the products and techniques work together to give you the result you see - not something that can be replicated at home. 

However, Dr Susan can suggest the best products for home use that will help you to maintain the improvement.   

It sounds like I have to do work as well.

Yes. While Dr Susan can move you forward on your skincare journey, it is down to you to maintain the improvement between treatments. 



All sessions are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, please

A cancellation fee of £25 will be payable for cancellations made within 24 hours of the booked session.

Hours of opening


By appointment only

Monday to Saturday - 8am to 8pm

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays



CASH ONLY please, in the salon

Payment is required in full, ahead of service. 

Contact A Touch of Spa

Call on 07900441154 today!


Dr Susan would love to talk with you. 

Or press the red button below to make your appointment by email. 

All treatments are by appointment only, please. 

A Touch of Spa

White Rose Lane, Woking, GU22 7JX, United Kingdom

Email A Touch of Spa to make your appointment



Wherever you are, come join Dr Susan for a cup of tea on Sunday afternoons to hear more about your skin solution!

Directions and free parking


A Touch of Spa is on White Rose Lane,  GU22 7JX just a half mile from Woking train station, it's an easy 5 minute walk from the station to A Touch of Spa.   Map of our location. 

Plan your route! You can avoid the busy town centre, making A Touch of Spa an easy commute from surrounding towns and villages like Guildford, Weybridge, Byfleet, Chobham, Esher, Walton-on-Thames, Farnham, Chertsey, Camberley, Virginia Water, Sunningdale, Cobham, and Ascot. 

Or come in by train - it's only 25 minutes from London! 

Free Parking

There is free off the road parking for clients on site.

Peace of mind

Training and Professional Organisation

 You do expect a professional service when you come for a facial treatment, and so you should! Just so you know, Dr Susan is fully qualified, and her qualifications are recognised by BABTAC, which is the British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology.  She is a member of BABTAC