My signature facial - effectively dealing with skin problems

Acne and other skin problems


Are you unhappy with the way your skin looks and feels? Is it causing you stress? Loss of confidence? Struggling with your skin problems and skin care? Are you thinking you'll never find an effective solution?  Feel you're needing to wear more makeup? Live in or near Woking? Needing an effective facial? Well, look no more! Come in for my signature facial. 

Clients often report an improvement in their skin


A Touch of Spa treats:

  • sensitive skin
  • skin that has been sensitised
  • acne and breakouts
  • rough skin
  • dehydrated skin
  • dry skin
  • broken capillaries
  • poor circulation
  • fine lines
  • sun damaged skin
  • wrinkles
  • dull skin
  • dark spots and areas
  • environmentally damaged skin
  • puffy skin
  • problem eyelids and eye areas
  • dark circles under the eyes

       and more ....

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Perceptible results

Clients say that every signature facial gives perceptible results that  they can see and feel.  Here is some of their written feedback:


  • Magda  really loved  'the massage and my new bright face!’

  • Vivienne: ‘The swelling under my left eye has gone down’. And, after another facial, ‘always improvement in my eye socket area’.

  • Melissa loved that her ‘eyes feel brighter and smoother, less sunken’.

  • Amanda was really pleased with ‘the improvements in my eye area’.

  • Tone was best pleased about ‘the freshness of my skin’.

  • Vicky W was pleased that her skin looked ‘more youthful’.

  • Kate loved her ‘smoother, plumper skin’, with ‘less lines, especially round the eyes’.

  • Jacqueline was best pleased too about ‘fewer lines, plumpness’.

  • Emma M loved the ‘hydration, and less lines’.

  • Tilda loved the ‘brightness and evenness’ of her skin.

  • Dora liked that she had ‘no more dry feeling’.

How I treat your skin

Depending on the issues affecting your skin, I can carry out:

  • exfoliation 
  • remove blackheads
  • remove dead skin cells
  • reduce acne
  • remove skin impurities
  • do specific massages
  • apply masks
  • rejuvenate your skin
  • improve your skin tone
  • put back the radiance in your skin
  • hydrate your skin
  • firm your skin
  • lessen the appearance of fine lines
  • lessen the appearance of wrinkles
  • improve your complexion

Why choose my signature facial?

Effective facial on older skin

To deal effectively with your skin issues

 Maybe you have a skin issue or two that you've been struggling to deal with effectively.  Maybe you've tried lots of things, and they don't seem to work very well.  

At A Touch of Spa, I take the time to figure out what is happening with your skin and why.  My science knowledge helps me to choose the specific products and techniques to use, focusing on treating your specific skin issues. 

Vivienne has been a client since A Touch of Spa opened, but dislikes social media.  This is what she says: ‘Susan uses her expertise and experience to offer individual solutions to individual problems.’  And that is unique.   

Vicky: says: A Touch of Spa has given me a lot of care and attention to my sun damaged skin with plenty of informed and useful advise. After 2 sessions and a new cleansing and moisturising home routine, my skin is more hydrated, softer and appears to be brighter with better circulation. I look forward to further sessions. Thank you very much.

To get the best skin you can, from the best facial ever!

And why ever not?  We know that when we look good, we feel good. 

Your skin is an organ. If you give it what it needs to keep it healthy, it will look better and be healthier.  And all without anything invasive being done.

 Joan  says: I had my first ever facial with Susan. She gave me very detailed information on my skin and how to look after it in future. I left feeling 15 years younger (and looking much better too). I left with a spring in my step and look forward to seeing her again. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would urge others to try her. 

To understand your skin better

It's not easy to understand your skin.  Why does it break out when you don't feel that you've done anything different? Why is it so sensitive?  Why do you have brown spots appearing? What to do about those pesky lines? Why don't your products seem to work anymore? 

I can explain it all to you, so you understand  what you can do yourself to improve your skin. 

Clients say:

Rachel  :Thank you so much Susan. I came in not really knowing anything about my skin or what it required and I have left feeling like I know exactly what I need to do now thanks to your very thorough analysis! I'm glowing. And I even got and email with all the info I may need in the future for how to deal with my skin. Very relaxing experience start to finish!

In their written feedback, clients really liked:

Vicky S: 'the deep explanation, thorough examination ..'

Natalie: 'information and result'

And yes, because you deserve my personalised facial

 I truly believe that your skin is unique, and deserves an effective facial and skin care routine that will help to resolve your skin problems. .  Your skin issues and what causes them create a unique combination that is just you. I focus on you, your skin issues, what may have caused them, and treat you as an individual in my signature facial.  

You may receive a different facial every time you come, because the facial you get depends on the results of the skin analysis.  It is an intensely personalised service, so you get the improvement you want to see.  


Gemma said: 'This was a much more personal experience than I have had before. Susan offers great facials at very reasonable prices. I will definitely go back and would very much recommend.'

Vicky W said: ‘ A Touch of Spa has given me a lot of care and attention to my sun damaged skin with plenty of informed and useful advise. After 2 sessions and a new cleansing and moisturising home routine, my skin is more hydrated, softer and appears to be brighter with better circulation. I look forward to further sessions. Thank you very much’.

It's the economical choice!

 Most clients have several skin issues going on at the same time. But at most beauty salons a facial looks at just one or two issues at a time.  So you might choose to have a brightening facial, for example if your skin is dull, which should give you brighter skin. 

But the brightening facial probably won't deal also with your lines and your broken capillaries or your brown spots. You'd have to have separate facials for each of these. That's say 3 more facials - you work out the cost.

My signature facial is different.  It deals with ALL the agreed skin issues - all in the ONE FACIAL.  And the results last! Especially if you follow the skincare routine I suggest and use the products I recommend.

99.9% of clients say in their written feedback that the prices at A Touch of Spa are reasonable.

How is my signature facial different

A different facial

You don't have to know which facial you need ahead of time

Not many of us actually know what needs doing when we go for a facial.  Maybe we choose a facial because it sounds new and trendy. Maybe it's the one we've always had.  Maybe it's a special occasion, and we just want to look better.  Maybe we just want to relax.  

You get a thorough examination and discussion of results

I think if you're going to invest in your skin, then you should have all the information you need about what your skin needs and why, so you can be an intelligent customer. And that is just what I enable you to become.  

I treat the actual issues you have and the reasons behind them

Yes, you should always be relaxed after a facial.  Your skin should always feel hydrated.  But there's more to your skin's needs than just that.  Don't you want it all? 

Shouldn't your skin problems be treated too? Why should you have to come back for a different facial to treat each skin issue? Don't you want to see a real difference in the way your skin looks an feels after just 1 facial? 

If you have a particular issue that's troubling you, don't you want it treated within the facial you are having? Don't you want sound, knowledgeable, professional advice? 

That's what you get from my signature facial. A one-stop shop to deal with the range of your treatable skin issues. I help you on your skincare journey, from where you are now, to the skin you want to have, whatever that looks like. And all in a gentle, non-invasive way.  

I choose products with the ingredients your skin needs

There is no  sales pitch.  I'm not selling you the products I use on your skin, because daily use may not be of benefit to you. 

I'm not confined to a particular brand of products.  I actually research and choose products that I believe will work, based on their ingredients. 

 I don't  pre-select products for your facial before you walk in the door. The products I choose have the specific ingredients that your skin needs.  So the result is amazing.

All your issues are treated in the same facial

You may need a range of different treatments - maybe your skin needs to be deep cleaned, nourished, hydrated, brightened, and firmed. Maybe your skin is suffering from sun damage and/or environmental damage. 

All these are dealt with within the one facial.  In most beauty salons, each of these is done as a separate facial. 

So what products do I sell?

Your skincare journey is a partnership.  I do your facial, you maintain the improvement. 

During your facial, I aim to significantly improve your skin, and will choose products and techniques to do so.  After the facial, it's your responsibility to maintain that improvement - and you need different products.  I show you the techniques to use to maximise the benefit.   

I carefully consider the ingredients you need to maintain your skin, and choose products that will enable you to deliver on your part of the partnership.  Often I will bring out 3 or 4 options, and ask you  more questions before I finally decide on the best one for you - and always within your budget and lifestyle ability. 

What you get

Best facial

A facial that is created just for you

 I do a detailed skin analysis before starting your treatment.  I aim to identify the reasons behind your skin  issues, and focus on treating these - the causes of the problem, not just the symptoms you see on your face.  

The products, treatments, techniques, the time spent at each stage of the facial are all tailored just for your skin.

Anna:: ‘I had such a fantastic experience! I loved that my treatment was tailored to my specific skin type (which is combination and very sensitive). I also loved the detailed analysis of my skin and the follow up email; a very unique and fascinating service offered! My skin felt so good afterwards! Susan is a delight and I will definitely be going back, especially for that wonderful cup of fruit tea'.

Helen: 'Thank you Susan for a wonderful facial and your wealth of knowledge. I loved it'. 

You can often see an immediate difference

 I use my scientific knowledge to choose products with  the specific ingredients your skin needs to give you the outcome you want. A Touch of Spa is not linked to any specific brand, so I am free to choose products that I believe will work, across the wide range of skincare products available.   Also, I choose the techniques and treatments that will meet your skin's needs so you can see a real difference.

Dushy :  What a great experience!! Susan spent time analysing my skin before applying a bespoke combination of facial care. I could see the difference straight away. Really good quality service. Will definitely be back!! 

Vicky : An informative and educational experience. I can see the benefits and the recommendations will be taken up in future. I am very impressed with the results - a big difference between before and after.

No more confusion about your skin!

 Are you  confused about what is going on with your skin?  Does your skin care routine no longer seem to work?  I explain your skin problems and why they are happening.  I make suggestions on how you can take control and encourage positive changes to benefit your skin.  Then I do my best to give you an amazingly effective facial. Here is what clients had to say: 


Shabena:  'I met Susan in Toni & Guy in Woking, she explained what she did and i got in contact with her and booked in for a Skin consultation and then i had a bespoke facial done. She went over what my skin is like and what is needs. My skin felt so nice and soft and hydrated. I would be defiantly coming back to her for another appointment'.  

Joy:  'Just had another fantastic facial at A Touch of Spa. Lovely relaxing environment, and a truly amazing customised facial from Sue. Sue spends time analysing your skin and selecting the best products to give your skin what it needs. The time she spends at assessing your skin is not knocked off your overall treatment time, like it is at some places, either. The results are amazing. Best facial is I have ever had (and I've had quite a few over the years). Would highly recommend'. 


What makes up my signature facial?


Each facial includes:

  · a discussion of the outcomes you want to achieve 

· a thorough facial skin analysis, discussion of the results and any treatment options 

· a facial that addresses all your agreed skin issues and aims to take you forward on your skincare journey 

· a relaxing hand massage 

· an after care discussion 

· a hydrating drink 

Your face will receive:

· a double cleansing

· a scrub

· the additional treatments required to treat your agreed skin issues

· an eye treatment

· the specific type of massage needed to improve your skin

· at least one mask

At the end of the facial, I will apply:

· a toner

· a facial oil or serum

· an eye serum

· a moisturiser

I’ve put in italics the additional benefits that really make my signature facial unique.

Your signature facial experience


You can just relax


The salon is secure. The room is large. It is extraordinarily quiet. 

The environment is really calm and peaceful. It's warm. The fabrics are soft and luxurious. Relax while the Himalayan salt candles burn. Listen to muted, soothing music.  Feel the stress melt away. Enjoy your 'me' time. 

You almost fall asleep as I apply treatments and massage you to skincare perfection. When you wake up, be amazed at the difference in your skin. 

Dr Susan's promise

Facial near me

I promise:

  • To do your signature facial myself. EVERY TIME.
  • The price of my signature facial does not change even if I take longer than expected, or if during the course of the facial, I decide to use additional or more expensive products for the facial.

Nicky said in her written feedback: 'I believe you know what you're doing. This is my time. A treat for myself. If I had to spend £100, I'd rather spend it here'. 

Not sure which products to use?

Skincare products

Had your facial? Loving the improvement? Know how to manage your skin?

Now get the right products that will help you to maintain that amazing skin! 

Say goodbye to the expense and frustration of buying products that just do not seem to make much of a difference to your skin! 

I spend ages researching products to find the best combinations of ingredients. 

You get knowledgeable, science-based advice on the products that will suit YOUR unique skin, and the improvements YOU want to see. 

Best of all, if you buy the products I recommend after you have my signature facial, there is NO price markup - the price I pay is the price YOU pay. It’s an amazing deal!

Kate: "I recently enjoyed a luxurious facial with Susan. I was really pleased with the personal and detailed service that she provides and the visible improvement to my skin. It was great to have her personal recommendations for the skincare products that most benefit my skin (instead of feeling overwhelmed by choice in the shops as has happened!). I have enjoyed using her recommend products and look forward to another relaxing facial at A Touch of Spa."

Tone: Susan is what I ca😀ll a skin scientist. She really understands skin and what it needs. I have sun skin damage from being a child of the 60's and she is helping me to rejuvenate it and repair the damage. Her knowledge is incredible and it is so much more than a facial. It is an analysis, assessment, treatment and then advice on what to use. After the first session I went home and threw all my skin lotions away. I love the individually tailored products she recommends and my skin does too.

It's reward time! Get these 7 benefits free - worth £145

Discounts offers rewards

What you get

    When you have my signature facial, get these for FREE!::

 · a thorough skincare analysis and explanation (worth £30) 

· · a discussion of the outcomes you want to achieve, and any treatment options (worth £30)

· · an eye treatment (worth £20)

· · a relaxing hand massage (worth £10)

· · a hydrating drink

· · advice on the ingredients your skin needs (worth £30)

· a before and after photograph for you to keep (worth £25).

Plus a chance to purchase products that will maintain the improvements and no price markup! 

If you choose to buy products to help you to maintain the improvement you see, I will put together a package of products you need (no charge - normally £10 per product), based on your skin's unique needs. 

Signature facial price details

Beauty salon near me

For treating your agreed skin issues

The minimum appointment time is 60 minutes, and varies depending on the number of issues to be treated.

To treat:

 FYI: Most facials cost between £75 and £85.

Additional treatments

Sometimes, your eyes may need a more in depth treatment than comes with my signature facial. 

Specialist eye treatment - £20

Sometimes, you may also require a specialist massage, in addition to the one in your signature facial.

Specialist massage - £20

Call Dr Susan to discuss!

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