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Consistently consistently 5* reviews!

1.  Immediate improvements:

Tone: I have been blown away by the professional skin analysis and treatment Susan has done for my daughter. The is truly an expert on skin and how it can change with our lifestyle, what we eat and how we look after it. The change was immediate and so noticeable. I can highly recommend her.

Joan: I had my first ever facial with Susan. She gave me very detailed information on my skin and how to look after it in future. I left feeling 15 years younger (and looking much better too). I left with a spring in my step and look forward to seeing her again. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would urge others to try her.

Dushy : What a great experience!! Susan spent time analysing my skin before applying a bespoke combination of facial care. I could see the difference straight away. Really good quality service. Will definitely be back!! 

2. Luxurious experience

Frederique: First facial at A Touch of Spa. I had Susan's signature facial. The whole experience was very relaxing and enjoyable. Susan explained to me every step of the treatment. Photos were also taken before and after and the difference was striking. I would recommend this salon.

Vicky: A Touch of Spa has given me a lot of care and attention to my sun damaged skin with plenty of informed and useful advice. After 2 sessions and a new cleansing and moisturising home routine, my skin is more hydrated, softer and appears to be brighter with better circulation. I look forward to further sessions. Thank you very much.

Joy: Just had another fantastic facial at A Touch of Spa. Lovely relaxing environment, and a truly amazing customised facial from Sue. Sue spends time analysing your skin and selecting the best products to give your skin what it needs. The time she spends assessing your skin is not knocked off your overall treatment time, like it is at some places, either. The results are amazing. Best facials I have ever had (and I've had quite a few over the years). Would highly recommend.

Vicky says:  Highly recommended. One's skin feels great after treatment. 

Jacqueline: Fantastic experience and my skin looks great! Thank you!!

3.  Specific information about your own skin

Philippa : This was the first time I had ever had a facial before and I loved it! I have never felt so relaxed. and I learnt so much about my skin and how to properly care for it. It's left my skin feeling so soft and smooth. Thank you so much Susan! Will defiantly recommend to all my friends!

Rachel : Thank you so much Susan. I came in not really knowing anything about my skin or what it required and I have left feeling like I know exactly what I need to do now thanks to your very thorough analysis! I'm glowing. And I even got and email with all the info I may need in the future for how to deal with my skin. Very relaxing experience start to finish!

4 Best skin care products specially chosen to meet your needs 

Emma says: oh my goodness, what an amazing experience! I've been on spa days and had facials before but with those you walk in, and they slap goo on your face. Instead, presented an incredibly detailed inspection of my skin under a bright lamp, and then prescribed a tailor made facial to suit my woefully dry and sun damaged skin. interesting that I've never before been told that my skin is super dry, or that the products I use are not sufficient. Susan was really professional and knowledgeable, and the treatment room is warm and welcoming, and a herbal tea at the end was a nice touch. after a series of delicious smelling things being applied, a blissful face, neck and arm massage and hot towel, I wafted out feeling amazing-and my skin looks really radiant. Definitely recommend-I'm just gutted I live so far away that I can't go monthly!   

Eve says: very individual approach to what products were used. Susan's facials are wonderful. I have never before had my skin examined so thoroughly, and, as she is not tied to a particular brand or procedure, she creates a truly bespoke facial based on what she observes. Susan has a professional manner and excellent hands; as a result, I come away from her treatments very relaxed, and my skin reflects the benefits for some time afterwards.    

 Helen says: Thank you Susan for a wonderful facial and your wealth of knowledge. I loved it.  

5.  Your facial is created just for you   

Gemma : This was a much more personal experience than I have had before. Susan offers great facials at very reasonable prices. I will definitely go back and would very much recommend.

Anna : I had such a fantastic experience! I loved that my treatment was tailored to my specific skin type (which is combination and very sensitive). I also loved the detailed analysis of my skin and the follow up email; a very unique and fascinating service offered! My skin felt so good afterwards! Susan is a delight and I will definitely be going back, especially for that wonderful cup of fruit tea

Sri : Thanks you very much susan. Best Service till now.

Zoë : I came in today thinking I had a mixture of greasy and dry skin - how wrong was I! Turns out I have very dry skin and so Susan kindly created a bespoke facial for me, starting with a gentle and then vigorous exfoliation to focus on removing any dead skin. I'm not sure how long the massage oil was used on my face because quite honestly I nearly fell asleep I was so relaxed. Various other carefully chosen treatments meant I left with skin feeling dewy, plump and refreshed - not only that but a chat at the end meant I knew exactly what products I should be looking for on the high street that would fit within my price range. Would recommend Susan and her magic hands to anyone without any hesitation.

Emily : A fantastic personal experience. Relaxing to say the least. Susan is very knowledgeable and created a facial which was bespoke for my skin. Will be returning and recommending.

6.  Relaxing experience

Karina says: Susan has fantastic hands! My facial was relaxing and extremely informative. A real in-depth consultation that I have not had anywhere else. Highly recommended!    

Gemma:  Thoroughly enjoyed my Facial with A Touch of Spa. Susan is attentive & calming. I would definitely go back and recommend! It was an hour of pure relaxation.

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