Frequently asked questions about effective facials and skincare

Why get a facial? Do you really need one?


 You eat right and exercise to benefit your body. You clean your skin daily, and use moisturiser. That’s great, but that’s only half of what you need for your skin to stay healthy and young looking.  A facial can give you more than what you can do yourself:

· Professional knowledge and expertise  

· Better cleansing and exfoliation  

· Firmer, healthier, more hydrated skin; brighter eyes   

· Smoother skin  

· Glowing, radiant complexion  

· Helps you to look more youthful        

How would you feel during a facial?


  You would feel sooo relaxed!  Clients often fall asleep!

Are there any health and wellbeing benefits?


Absolutely! Benefits of effective facials and skin care at A Touch of Spa in Woking include:  

· Increasing circulation to help delay premature ageing, lessening the appearance of lines   

· Avoiding dehydrated skin  

· Understanding your skin’s needs and the most effective ingredients and products to work for you  

· Lessening stress and releasing your happy hormones  

· Rejuvenating your complexion  · Feeling pampered.  

· Helping to improve your imperfections  

· Showing you how to care properly for your skin.