Facials and Skincare

Luxury facials

  All luxury facials include selected products from brands like Decleor, Strivectin and Germaine de Cappuccini. In addition, you receive an extended skin analysis and discussion of results.    

These facials get 5* reviews.

Deluxe facials

 All deluxe facials include a facial serum and oil. You also receive a 10 minute skin analysis and discussion of results.  

These facials get 5* reviews.  

Classic facials

  All Classic Facials include a 5 minute skin analysis and discussion of results.   

These facials get 5* reviews.

Luxury facials

Susan's Signature facial

Often your skin may have a range of issues. It may be dehydrated, dull and may be showing some lines. 

This facial is a cost effective option if you want to treat all your issues at once. The results are truly amazing!     

From £65 (75 minutes)

Firming facial

 This rejuvenating facial features a powerful organic product used by the celebs! The treatment features nine therapy steps designed to tone and firm your skin. 

See the immediate improvement, and even better, notice the further reduction in fine lines the day after!    

£60 (70 minutes)

Brightening facial

This illuminating treatment uses a potent boost of vitamins and luxury products to leave your face glowing and revitalised. 

Your face will be totally revitalised to give you that bright, glowing skin that you deserve.   

£55 (70 minutes)

Deluxe facials

Hydrating facial

Restore your skin's natural, fresh appearance with this treatment. Let go while your skin benefits from repeated applications of hyaluronic acid for powerful rehydration.

Your skin feels nurtured and intensely hydrated.

£45 (60 minutes)

Nourishing facial

Would you like smoother, softer skin? Surrender to an intensive cleansing and massage routine, followed by a nourishing mask, moisturiser and serum. 

Your skin will feel smooth and silky!   

£35 (45 minutes)

Classic facials

Deep cleansing facial

Unwind while a special palette of products and techniques is used to leave your face feeling beautifully clean, decongested and hydrated.     

£35 (45 minutes)

Vital facial

 This treatment speeds you towards achieving radiant skin. Relax while your skin is deeply cleansed, massaged and hydrated. Your face will feel refreshed.   

£25 (30 minutes)

And more

Most popular facial?

Susan's signature facial!

Skincare Products

How often have you bought products and they do not seem to work? Relax. Buy skincare products that will work on your unique skin!   


Give your friends and loved ones the treat of relaxation, and beautiful skin! Get a voucher from A Touch of Spa.     


  1. Add an eye treatment to any facial for £20
  2. Get a detailed 30 minute skin analysis to find out what is happening with your skin, your priorities and how to address them. TMI? You will be sent a report!     Cost - £30


 Not to worry. Come in for the best skin analysis ever (£30 or get it for free if you purchase a luxury or deluxe facial). Susan will explain your skin's priorities, and you can then choose. Or just book a slot and decide when you get here!     




Clients must be 18 or over.

A Touch of Spa retains the right to refuse treatment.